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When you’re considering a move, would you prefer a professional moving service that is federally licensed, or would you prefer a service that is not covered?

Moving Connections is not only federally licensed, it is also bonded and insured in accordance with federal standards.

When you want someone to move your goods safely and efficiently, would you prefer someone who hires only workers with experience in the moving industry, or would you prefer someone who hires workers with no experience out of temp agencies or even loitering in home improvement store parking lots?

Moving Connections hires only workers with experience in the moving industry for its moving teams.

When you ask for a price quote, do you want someone to give you a quote and then at the end of your move, add 50% to the price with spurious fees, rentals, surcharges and non-existent taxes? Or would you prefer someone who has a straightforward and simple pricing formula, i.e., you pay an hourly rate for driving time and labor time, plus a very reasonable price for boxes and tape, with no extra fees, surcharges, or taxes of any kind added on?

Moving Connections gives you an honest, fair quote and adds no junk fees or phony taxes or anything of any kind to your bill. You pay for driving time and labor time, plus boxes and tape. That’s it.

People want and deserve a fair deal and that’s what you’ll get from Moving Connections.

Please click on a tab below for the type of move that interests you. The Labor Only Move is a cost saving move where customers provide much of the labor and driving themselves. The Residential Move tab describes our full service residential move, and the Corporate Move tab describes our business move services, from micro office moves to large corporate relocations.

So click away or give us a call for a quick quote or to answer any questions you might have about our services or your move.